dam of Tiger Prince
Ch. Farcroft Silvo
Farcroft Finality
Simba 1929
Tiger Prince
Farcroft Fidelity
Ch.Young Mary
Ch.Battle Cry of Bulmas
Ch. Beauty of Bulmas
Ch. Ambassador of Buttonoak
The Great Ch. Ritter's Beau
The Breed's
1st Champion
Ch. Branch of Bulmas
Ch.Bimbi of Bulmas
Ch.Barnacle Bill of Bulmas
Ch.Bouyant of Bullturn
Roger of The Fenns
Boy of Stanfell
Beauty of Stanfell
Billy of Stanfell
Master of Marbette
Antony of Buttonoak
Wendy of Bulmas
Ch. Springwell Major
Exported to
South Africa
"The bullmastiff fanciers of today owe a great deal to the named and unknown devotees
who handed this splendid breed for us to safeguard in our lifetimes. We should honor their
work by breeding dogs they would have admired physically,  as mentally sound and TRULY
FUNCTIONAL. The pursuit of show success can NEVER be the over-riding aim.  Breeding
from dogs awarded by judges is extremely unwise; breeding your precious bitch to the sire
which wins but has NO family strength is the sign as lack of knowledge.  May the next
millennium produce greater wisdom and rehearsed skill in the breeder of this fine breed."
Col. David Hancock